Shringar Of Samyukta By Gaurang Shah

There is a plethora of designers! There is Gaurang! Period! With winter closing in, Gaurang helped me battle my own demons with his new range! God bless this man with the Midas touch! Seven successful sell-out shows and he is back to claim his legitimate place in the 8th at the Lakme Fashion Week Winter 2015. This season, the maestro brought in 8 […]

Malkha Archives – August 2015

  My love for handlooms is taking me places I have never been! These are the legendary Malkha drapes for you to admire in awe! Try Malkha and make that difference! I am sure you wont regret! Dont keep calm! Hail Uzramma, the wind beneath Malkha’s wings! If you are existing imperial patrons of Malkha, […]

Celebrities In Gaurang – Vidya Balan

If you religiously follow WOL, you know I support handloom industry like nobody’s business! Just like you, I am a fan of Gaurang and his label. I strongly support his cause with all my heart and soul! The way he endorses the handloom industry, he not only deserves the crown but also the throne itself! Did you know he has around […]

For The Love Of Handmade

Narendra Modi launched National Handloom Day on August 7th and Chennai is the chosen one for the event as its bountifully abundant! No argument and strictly, no offence! Thanks to social media, entrepreneurs and increasing mass movements, handloom and handmade are going places and lauded like never before! To love handmade and handloom, you dont have […]

Mamata Reddy, The Reviver Of Kalamkari

  If you worship hand-painted Kalamkari on hand-woven fabrics, your search ends here! With all due respect, I idolize Gaurang and Sashikant Naidu. But, just to let you know that Mamata Reddy is the driving force behind these haute couturiers! The intricacy involved makes her spin off a “one time investment” in a work of […]

Rachana Reddy

Who is Rachana Reddy? Loaded question, but she is synonymous to box-shaped wooden bags! I know I sound dumb! She is the-one-and-the-only girl who pushed the boundaries and went beyond the conventional squares, hearts, rectangles and voila! We hear strong stories about contemporary mixed tradition everywhere, but this is the place where you get to see […]

Good Earth By Anita Lal

I love this woman and I can say that again!!! I am glad she woke up one day and threw all her excuses, although I wonder if she had any! I assure you this post doesnt do any justice whatsoever to Anita Lal’s brainchild! How could I fit India’s most luxurious homeware brand in one generic […]

Choose A Silk Saree, The WOL Way!

India is gearing up for the upcoming wedding season and its going to be a colourful riot everywhere. No offence, but South Indian weddings are the best by all means. The bling, venues, catering, invites, trousseau, decor, rituals, flowers and the jewellery makes them the best! Sarojini from Hyderabad asked me how do I dress a […]

Moya By Rashmi Singh

Moya in Rashmi’s own words – is Irish, which simply means “GREAT.” A hard core Zeitgeist of Indian art and craft, I thrive on the rich heritage of India. Label Moya houses a range of products from lifestyle accessories to home furnishings and apparel. All have a signature style of depicting regional art from different […]

Purple Patch Chennai

I cant tell you how much I loved my first visit to this store. You should experience the ambience and everything around. All I can say is I have been there just once and smitten ever since. Situated in a typical agraharam-like building with relatively modern touch, you wont even guess there is a store […]

All Things Beautiful By Savithri Srinivasan

All Things Beautiful is an online boutique from Chennai dedicated to handmade hair accessories and jewellery by Savithri Srinivasan. Any mother with a daughter would obviously get attracted to this page like a moth to the flame. Her page is vibrantly loaded with adorable hair accessories. ATB recently ventured into terracota jewellery, but honestly they […]

Manchu Lakshmi Prasanna, The Exotic

In a good way, I believe Lakshmi is too hot for the South Cinema. She is the only daughter of the most versatile Tollywood actor Mohan Babu. She is a proud graduate of theatre / performing arts from Oklahoma University, actress, model, producer, philanthropist and television host! Did you know she had a limited edition perfume […]

Shilpa Reddy, Chiseled Beauty

Sophisticated and bewitching, Shilpa Reddy is probably the only Reddy girl ever to be featured on the Kingfisher Calender. Boy, the list goes on and on and on! She was crowned Gladrags Mrs India in 2004. She is a philanthropist, fitness freak, fashion designer and a nutritionist. She owns a self-titled fashion label Shilpa Reddy. She is the brand […]