Catherine Tresa Saree Commercial

The sole objective behind WOL saree commercials is to promote saree! We, women, have tough male contenders glorifying Saree! Gaurang, Sabyasachi, Bappaditya Biswas, Himanshu Verma and many more! Please help me with the list! They laud and honour the garment destined for women like there is no tomorrow! They are making it a global phenomenon, rather! Best part, they succeeded! Or should I say, […]

Leela Varun Of My Art, My Expressions – WOL Exclusive

WOL proudly presents Leela Varun of My Art – My Expressions! Varun is an accomplished artist who works with architects & interior designers, does film story boards, book illustrations, portraits etc. Based in Hyderabad, Varun also works on utilitarian campaigns for Cyber Crime Police! Varun is a refined and cultured artist with relevant educational background. He feels every artist is labelled […]

Ensō: The Language Of A Printmaker By Dhvani Behl

Ensō, The Language Of A Printmaker is a graphic artist’s meandering journey by virtue of limited edition drawings, etchings, textile wall art, sarees and whatnot. Dhvani Behl, the brain behind Ensō, spent a year in Paris studying art after her schooling in Delhi. It was succeeded by a stint in Rhode Island School Of Design where she graduated in printmaking. RISD Printmaking Programme […]

Fall Colours

Any rich and solid colour is a perfect fall colour! Berry, emerald, tangerine, tan, graphite, mustard, indigo, teal, navy, grey or burgundy! Any warm colour conjures up a sense of warmth, so dont be afraid to jazz your makeup, fashion and interiors up! Want more inspiration? Take a look at your spice rack! A little bit of […]

Hiya By Swetha Reddy – WOL Exclusive

Hiya Designer Jewellery By Swetha Reddy hosts an exclusive wedding collection exhibition on 10, 11 and 12th September at Somajiguda, Hyderabad. Shilpa Reddy launched Hiya’s festive collection. WOL wishes Swetha Reddy all the very best for the exhibition 🙂                   © WOL & Rifflenow By Rajendar Reddy Yasa (Contact […]

Perfect Fall Colours – Yellow & Grey

Yellow for the cheerful and grey for the wise intellect, these colours are downrightly ideal to keep us grounded when blended! Winter closing in, yellow and grey is a divine combination to try! Yellow reminds us of the outdoors and sunshine where as grey speaks volumes about gloomy skies! They balance each other out! With their timeless appeal, we cant help but lose […]

Mugdha Art Studio By Sashi Vangapalli – WOL Exclusive

Mugdha Art Studio, the brainchild of Sashi Vangapalli, has been inaugurated by Kajal Agarwal on 5th September. Sashi Vangapalli extended her line to exclusive bridal trousseau on the eve of their 3rd anniversary, so this girl sure came a long way from where she began! WOL strongly believes in “Women empower women”, so I wish her all the very best for her future endeavours. Keep inspiring […]

FICCI FLO Revival Of Handlooms – WOL Exclusive

FICCI Ladies’ Organization / FICCI FLO / Federation of Indian Chamber of Commerce & Industry is a national body with the prime objective of women empowerment through the promotion of entrepreneurship and professional excellence. That was quite a mouthful, phew! A self-explanatory initiative for enhancement of skills and awareness of evolving trends! FLO hosted a panel discussion […]

National Silk Expo 2015 – WOL Exclusive

National Silk Expo 2015 launched at Sri Satya Sai Nigamam, Hyderabad happens from 2nd to 6th September. This 5-day event is administrated by The Gramina Hastakala Vikas Samiti. Intention of such exhibitions is to promote and enhance weavers’ livelihood! Multitude designers and weavers participating from about 14 states, such places are holy grails to support handloom and handmade industries!         © WOL […]

Overwhelmingly Perfect

Who said perfect things have to be predictable and boring? Can a picture get better than this? This trio works for a cause and its something we dont see often! Gaurang Shah of Gaurang, Mira Sagar of Vaya and Bappaditya Biswas of Bailou are living their dreams as their only option! They see challenges as opportunities! […]