Kaleidoscope Of Inspiration With Black

According to the spectrum, black is not a colour technically! Wish somebody could say that to Coco Chanel! Colour Therapy says black helps in deep inner healing! Black is the most powerful colour and speaks volumes on its own! Any given colour on black is a full-on state of visual nirvana! There is nothing beyond! Equal aura […]

Golap Buti By Byloom

Just watched DEBI, a short film on Durga Puja! I am surrounded by Bengalis since 2006 and the number just keeps growing! If you haven’t watched the film yet, please do! What I knew was just bits and bobs of the most remarkable tradition. Million thanks to DEBI for the awareness! Bengali women are just exotic, period! […]

Kalamkari Magic Of Creation WCC, Must Watch!!!

Short film on Kalamkari for World Crafts Council (WCC) by Haripriya Krishnamurthy, this was one among the five finalists! I just couldn’t go beyond since, hence sharing! Now that we all know Kalamkari out and out, let us unanimously support the artisans as much as we can! It is a girl’s effort for the dying art! What can we […]