Ramayana, The Retold Epic By Mamata Reddy

Kalam Creations By Mamata Reddy is an intense tribute to the art of Kalamkari! I reiterate, Kalam Creations is your destination for authentic Kalamkari artistry! Earlier, we all mercilessly feasted on Mamata Reddy’s craftsmanship! Here is another stunner from her devoted label! Mamata Reddy dotes on her niece Mukthi; who happens to dazzle in a bewitching Banares georgette which features […]

Tura Turi – Where Stories Come Alive

Cut from the same fabric, but torn apart by desires; never were two sisters so different! WOL proudly presents the adorable sisters Payal and Priyanka! Let’s meet the magical hands (I’d rather “wands”) behind the scenes 🙂 When two sisters come together, its usually pillow fights and pigtail pulls! Tura Turi happened amidst the chaos for […]

The Saree Festival 2016 – Delhi (April 13 – 17)

The most awaited yet; The Saree Festival 2016 is a 5-day event in Delhi! Third time in Delhi since their inaugural edition in 2014; The Saree Festival is the mother of all events especially to Saree enthusiasts! The way Himanshu worships the Saree is incomparable, I proudly reiterate! We might say we are proud owners of this and that, but kindly […]