If Saree Is Serious, So Is Gaurang!

When was the last time you chose the Saree? Was it spontaneous or conscious or for the sake of micro-blogging? Whatever your reason, you are deliberately promoting the divine yardage end of the day! Thanks to the new gen couturiers, mass movements and social media, Saree is aesthetically much more appealing! Best part, it only gets better! Back then, people

Overwhelmingly Perfect

Who said perfect things have to be predictable and boring? Can a picture get better than this? This trio works for a cause and its something we dont see often! Gaurang Shah of Gaurang, Mira Sagar of Vaya and Bappaditya Biswas of Bailou are living their dreams as their only option! They see challenges as opportunities!

Shringar Of Samyukta By Gaurang Shah

There is a plethora of designers! There is Gaurang! Period! With winter closing in, Gaurang helped me battle my own demons with his new range! God bless this man with the Midas touch! Seven successful sell-out shows and he is back to claim his legitimate place in the 8th at the Lakme Fashion Week Winter 2015. This season, the maestro brought in 8

Celebrities In Gaurang – Vidya Balan

If you religiously follow WOL, you know I support handloom industry like nobody’s business! Just like you, I am a fan of Gaurang and his label. I strongly support his cause with all my heart and soul! The way he endorses the handloom industry, he not only deserves the crown but also the throne itself! Did you know he has around