Modest Mangalagiri MCG1-16

Missing in action, but in my defence I tried getting in touch with as many weavers and artisans as possible for the past couple of months, but God, India is busy! Long story short; the contacts I was introduced to through WOL were of, extremely sorry for the bitter truth, no avail! Going from person to person only

Ramayana, The Retold Epic By Mamata Reddy

Kalam Creations By Mamata Reddy is an intense tribute to the art of Kalamkari! I reiterate, Kalam Creations is your destination for authentic Kalamkari artistry! Earlier, we all mercilessly feasted on Mamata Reddy’s craftsmanship! Here is another stunner from her devoted label! Mamata Reddy dotes on her niece Mukthi; who happens to dazzle in a bewitching Banares georgette which features

If Saree Is Serious, So Is Gaurang!

When was the last time you chose the Saree? Was it spontaneous or conscious or for the sake of micro-blogging? Whatever your reason, you are deliberately promoting the divine yardage end of the day! Thanks to the new gen couturiers, mass movements and social media, Saree is aesthetically much more appealing! Best part, it only gets better! Back then, people

Ikat Diaries By Akash Agarwal

A distinctive technique that involves resist-dying i.e. dye is prevented from getting fuzzy! Individual yarns are bound tight and dyed! The more the number of colours, the more the number of binds! Post dying, the binds are undone and such yarns are woven into fabrics! Unlike batik and tie and dye, Ikats undergo the resist prior to the weave! Ikats are

Golap Buti By Byloom

Just watched DEBI, a short film on Durga Puja! I am surrounded by Bengalis since 2006 and the number just keeps growing! If you haven’t watched the film yet, please do! What I knew was just bits and bobs of the most remarkable tradition. Million thanks to DEBI for the awareness! Bengali women are just exotic, period!