Tura Turi – Where Stories Come Alive

Cut from the same fabric, but torn apart by desires; never were two sisters so different! WOL proudly presents the adorable sisters Payal and Priyanka! Let’s meet the magical hands (I’d rather “wands”) behind the scenes 🙂 When two sisters come together, its usually pillow fights and pigtail pulls! Tura Turi happened amidst the chaos for

Fall Colours

Any rich and solid colour is a perfect fall colour! Berry, emerald, tangerine, tan, graphite, mustard, indigo, teal, navy, grey or burgundy! Any warm colour conjures up a sense of warmth, so dont be afraid to jazz your makeup, fashion and interiors up! Want more inspiration? Take a look at your spice rack! A little bit of

Perfect Fall Colours – Yellow & Grey

Yellow for the cheerful and grey for the wise intellect, these colours are downrightly ideal to keep us grounded when blended! Winter closing in, yellow and grey is a divine combination to try! Yellow reminds us of the outdoors and sunshine where as grey speaks volumes about gloomy skies! They balance each other out! With their timeless appeal, we cant help but lose

Good Earth By Anita Lal

I love this woman and I can say that again!!! I am glad she woke up one day and threw all her excuses, although I wonder if she had any! I assure you this post doesnt do any justice whatsoever to Anita Lal’s brainchild! How could I fit India’s most luxurious homeware brand in one generic