Ramayana, The Retold Epic By Mamata Reddy

Kalam Creations By Mamata Reddy is an intense tribute to the art of Kalamkari! I reiterate, Kalam Creations is your destination for authentic Kalamkari artistry! Earlier, we all mercilessly feasted on Mamata Reddy’s craftsmanship! Here is another stunner from her devoted label! Mamata Reddy dotes on her niece Mukthi; who happens to dazzle in a bewitching Banares georgette which features

The Wind From A Village By Bhagath Kumar

Going bonkers about photography these days! Such an awe-inspiring experience seeing vibrant world through the lens! Dont know when awe strikes, so its kind of tough to describe what changes our perceptions! Do you agree photography takes us back to the hypothetical world we can never return to? 🙂 The story behind Bhagath Kumar of Makka Studios’ project “The Wind From A

Zemotion By Zhang Jingna

As you all know, photography is a universal language! Its all about observation, but the real magic is in the interpretation! I am a spring person and the rest is pretty obvious! As much as I want to insist; I know girls who are not pro-floral, so women and flowers is not a ground-breaking combo to everybody!