The Saree Festival 2015 – Mumbai (November 2 – 5)

Conceptualised by the unparalleled and unrivalled Himanshu Verma, The Saree Man, The Saree Festival is one-of-its-kind spectacle! Take my word, dont miss out on this! Two successful flagship editions in Delhi, The Saree Festival now travels to Mumbai! Nobody worships Saree the way he does! If you think you love saree more than anybody else, well, think twice! Himanshu is the

Ensō: The Language Of A Printmaker By Dhvani Behl

Ensō, The Language Of A Printmaker is a graphic artist’s meandering journey by virtue of limited edition drawings, etchings, textile wall art, sarees and whatnot. Dhvani Behl, the brain behind Ensō, spent a year in Paris studying art after her schooling in Delhi. It was succeeded by a stint in Rhode Island School Of Design where she graduated in printmaking. RISD Printmaking Programme