Modest Mangalagiri MCG1-16

Missing in action, but in my defence I tried getting in touch with as many weavers and artisans as possible for the past couple of months, but God, India is busy! Long story short; the contacts I was introduced to through WOL were of, extremely sorry for the bitter truth, no avail! Going from person to person only to be dismissed crushes the spirit end of the day! To the best of my knowledge, supporting an artisan or a specific craft is solely possible by buying their products! Of course, creating awareness helps them too but reality; its buying that sustains the art and the artisan!

Weave Offloom proudly announces its journey with, drum rolls please, the weavers and artisans of India! Why proud? I am all alone in this journey so far and it makes all the difference to me as a person! How? I dedicated the only 60 precious minutes I get in a day to a humble deed of this capacity! Right from hand-picking the artisans to buying their products and also to create more awareness through my website! Best part; my associates are not on social media! Yaya!!! In the process, I am not able to get in touch with the weavers of a specific craft directly! My solution; I honestly make do with the re-sellers of that craft to just keep it going! Like always, my two cents! I have been around since 2011 so I know the difference between a weaver and re-seller 🙂

WOL begins its divine journey from Mangalagiri, which literally means “auspicious”! What better way to start a journey of a lifetime! Did you know Mangalagiri weaves are protected under Geographical Indication Act? Well, weavers woes are atleast recognized but lets see what truth the time holds! May be, the weavers upped the ante in consonance with the demanding generation, but a typical Mangalagiri saree has a sober plain / chequered body with zari and / or contrast thread borders with coordinating pallu! The yarns are first woven and then, undergo dyeing!

WOL brings you a modest Mangalagiri cotton saree in an auspicious shade of leaf green with a stripy body, contrast jacquard blouse and the fundamental zari / contrast borders! There is no age bar to support handloom industry, but if you insist; 30 and above is a good start for such modest handloom sarees! Makes an ideal corporate wear, perfect present for your loved ones and last but not the least – simple, yet stunning for visits! Priced at 1245 INR 🙂



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Status – Available

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