Nalini Chettur Of Giggles – Biggest Little Book Shop, Chennai

Giggles, Biggest Little Book Shop in Chennai needs our help stat! Nalini Chettur, the proud owner, started Giggles about 40 years ago in Taj Connemara with 1000 INR and now, functions with equal pride from their parking lot! Giggles is more of a landmark in Chennai than your regular book store! Nalini amma is a book wizard! From what I read; I have one line for her! She is an icon with an unparalleled legend! Chennai visit is incomplete without Giggles is what they say! Seems Taj wants her out and there is not much time left!

I am proud to say I had the honour to talk to her! She is very happy that many youngsters are coming forward and help her relocate! If you are around, kindly do your bit and help her!!! 


Everybody talks about charity, but reality is never the same! Kindly visit the store if you are in Chennai! You dont need to be a bookworm to support her! Buy a book or two and help retain her legend! Please spread the word and share it as much as you can! Gift your family or friends with a book on their special days! You need any title, just let her know! From what I hear, the rest is assured! Let me know if you are willing to lend a hand; I will connect you to Giggles with pleasure! Long live Nalini amma and her legend 🙂


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