Ramayana, The Retold Epic By Mamata Reddy

Kalam Creations By Mamata Reddy is an intense tribute to the art of Kalamkari! I reiterate, Kalam Creations is your destination for authentic Kalamkari artistry! Earlier, we all mercilessly feasted on Mamata Reddy’s craftsmanship! Here is another stunner from her devoted label!

Mamata Reddy dotes on her niece Mukthi; who happens to dazzle in a bewitching Banares georgette which features a pain-staking depiction of Ramayana! The georgette saree version took about 10 days; but it can also be done on other fabric choices including dupattas and sarees! Dupattas start from about 3500 INR whereas sarees start from about 8000 INR and can go up to 25,000 INR depending on the fabric chosen!

The girl certainly looks every bit the princess she is! Is there a better way to pay tribute to the craft? Boy, isn’t she one spoilt niece? 🙂










Image Courtesy – Mark Tway, who started “The Dress Project” to find and bring to light the beauty in different cultures around the world!

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